Cammie Maturin was born, raised and continues to reside in New Iberia, LA.  A proud graduate of New Iberia Senior High School, Cammie continued her education at the University of Southwestern Louisiana, now known as the University of Louisiana Lafayette, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in General Studies.  Upon the completion of her Bachelor of Science degree, Cammie completed the requirements for her teaching certificate.


After graduating in December of 2001 from the University of Louisiana Lafayette, Cammie began her career in public safety by becoming an employee of the State of Louisiana working with the Department of Public Safety and Corrections as a Parole and Probation Officer.  Cammie carried out her duties as a Parole and Probation Officer until 2006.  Cammie’s experience in New Orleans during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina assisted her in seeing the need to make a difference in the lives of the youth in the State of Louisiana.  In order to make a difference, Cammie joined forces with teachers as they are often the first line of defense for our most vulnerable children.  Cammie has been helping shape the future of this state by way of teaching for the past 11 years.


Cammie became involved in Louisiana Prison Reform in 2009 when she discovered that education in Louisiana is suffering because the budget is constantly cut to better fund the Louisiana Prison System.  After discovering this issue and through her activism, Cammie met many individuals who have made poor decisions and mistakes throughout their life, but through the proper programming and opportunities, those same individuals present some of the most rehabilitated and skilled citizens.  Cammie also came to realize that while those individuals in the prison system of Louisiana are becoming rehabilitated and skilled, they are presented no opportunities to give back and make a meaningful and positive mark on our society.  The acts of cutting education funds to add to the prison system and failing to allow rehabilitated people to be released in order to make positive change in this state, comes at an enormous cost to not only taxpayers but to families, communities, teachers, students, and the quality of life for each and every citizen of the great state of Louisiana.


While the state’s education system is failing students and teachers, and its prison system is failing the rehabilitated prisoners and the state’s communities, Cammie understands that people change over time and that change, coupled with the right programs, sufficient resources and opportunities, can produce sufficient and effective change in Louisiana’s education and prison systems.


Old laws, policies, and politics should never prevent change, growth and common sense measures from being pushed, passed and enacted in Louisiana.  If laws are not changed to reflect the growth and new found potential in these two important areas, Louisiana, along with its citizens both young and old, will continue down the same dark and weary path it is on.  As the State Representative for District 96, Cammie intends to advocate for change in both the education and prison systems of the Louisiana.

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